What is Circle Dancing?


Community Dancing

Circle Dancing is inclusive and welcomes people of all ages. It broadens our understanding of different cultures through music and dance. No dance experience or partners are needed. Circle Dancing is a wonderful way to have fun and make friends.


The main aim of Circle Dancing is to experience the joy of dancing together. There is no competitiveness and no such thing as mistakes, only variations. Circle Dancing is more than exercise. We generally dance together with handholds such as V-holds and W-holds so that "two left feet" and "novice nerves" are held and supported by the circle of dancers. We don't obsess over correctness in dance performance but rather encourage dancers to enter into the spirit of the dance and give themselves time to learn and enjoy. 

Moving Meditation

Circle Dancing has been described as a moving meditation. It is a great barometer for letting the dancer/meditator know when the mind wanders - the feet "fall out of step". This is an opportunity to chuckle, refocus, and return body and mind to the dance circle. We all have this experience at some time.


An important feature of Circle Dancing is the centrepiece. It provides a focus for maintaining the dance circle in the same place in the room and for directing the group energy towards that one centre.

Learning Circle Dancing

All dances are carefully taught at each gathering so beginners, visitors and more experienced dancers feel comfortable and receive support. The steps are relatively simple, moderately easy to learn, often instinctive and in three parts or shorter. Generally the leader demonstrates and micro-teaches each dance, step-by-step. As the confidence of the Circle grows and the group feels ready, the leader puts on the music and the dance begins. At first there are variations and as the dance continues these fall away with the help of the music and lots of repetition, and the circle begins to move as one and our connection and enjoyment increases. 

Benefits of Circle Dancing

Circle Dancing is light to moderate rhythmical exercise, good for the memory, balance and L-R brain coordination. It is meaningful and uplifting. It broadens our understanding of different cultures through music and dance. Most of all, Circle Dancing is a wonderful way to have fun and make friends. 


Circle Dancing improves body image, self-esteem, concentration and communication. It creates a sense of wellbeing and coming together. It imparts a deep sense of connection and a calm contented afterglow.

St Patrick's Day

Three Irish dances are featured in this video: 

  • A Gentle Jig
  • Leprechaun's Dance
  • Reel Beatrice

Dances and Music

We dance to music from around the world... From diverse cultures including Greek, Celtic, Slavic, Irish, Brazilian, German, Albanian, Cuban, Scottish, Jewish… 

From traditional to modern... From medieval to contemporary folk... From lullabies to jigs

Some of our favourite Dances are:
  • The Pilgrim Step
  • Misirlou
  • Guardian Angels